Custom Home Building in Burlington Creates Room to Grow

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Custom Home Building in Burlington Creates Room to Grow
Skyrocketing house prices in the GTA signal a seller’s market. This is good news for those wishing to sell their homes. On the other side of the coin, buyers are facing a sea of competitive bids, and many are wary of buying at the top of the market – with good reason. As an alternative to purchasing a new home, some growing families are staying put during this crazed time in real estate history. For some, renovating provides the perfect option to provide more living space and  potentially increase their home’s resale value down the line. Considering adding an addition to your Burlington home?  Read on to learn more about custom home building in Burlington.

Renovating Can Mean Long-Term Savings

With real estate at a premium, investing in your home might make good financial sense, especially if it is in a desired area. Upgrading your kitchen or adding an extra bathroom makes your home more livable now and more sellable later. A well-designed and executed upgrade is a wise investment, especially if the change is a move toward modernity. An outdated home can feel past its prime, making it more difficult for potential buyers to envision their future there. In addition to being stressful and overwhelming, moving can also be quite expensive. Spending money on upgrades means your money stays where you can see it, and is not drained by realtors, lawyer’s fees, and other moving expenses.

Custom Renovations Are Perfect for You

Older homes tend to have smaller bedrooms, fewer bathrooms, and can sometimes have floor plans that are just plain odd. Renovating means you can keep what you love about your home and lose what you don’t. Many homeowners are turning unused main floor storage into powder rooms, enlarging bedrooms and closets and opening up main floor plans by knocking down walls. Skilled renovators are experts at space saving and finding room in your home you never knew you had. Many homebuyers are looking for large kitchens with modern appliances. Inserting an island or bar area with stools creates functional eating space from your existing square footage. Adding some finishes to your basement will take it from a storage space to a functional recreational space with plenty of room to grow.

Staying On Track and On Budget

Renovation horror stories abound and can turn off even those most keen to renovate. Letting strangers into your home can feel invasive. To keep your family’s sanity, it’s important that you do your research and hire a renovator that comes highly recommended. The best renovators are courteous, clean, and understanding of your family’s needs. Sought-after companies keep detailed timelines and set out major milestones far in advance, allowing you to track the progress of even the most intense renovation project. Experienced renovators are also skilled communicators and are able to explain finish options, budgets, and contracts in plain language. Look for a contractor who feels genuine and is committed to keeping you informed, so there are no surprises when you are custom home building in Burlington. If you are wary of buying at the top of the market but need to cater to your growing family, consider building a custom element into your Burlington home. 

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